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“Mai ngā Kuri-a-whārei ki Tihirau”

Ko Mataatua toku waka, ko Toroa te tangata.

Ko Putauaki toku Maunga

Ko Rangitaiki toku awa

Ko Ngāti Awa me Tūhoe oku iwi

Ko Te Patuwai me Te Pahipoto oku Hapū

No Motiti Island me Te Teko ahau

Ko Atareta Paora (Adrienne Paul) toku ingoa.


Kia ora my name is Adrienne Paul I am a solicitor at Lawhub practising in general law. We’re here to assist with legal services relating to Māori Land. Anei te korero, your land. Your heritage. Your identity. To make your application, you will need to apply to the Māori Land Court. We are here to empower you and help you access your entitlements by being the bridge between the legal system of Aotearoa New Zealand and te Ao Māori.

Succession Applications

Unsure if you have Māori land interests? It may be a sad story, but it’s one we hear often. Usually after a relative passes away, you hear you may have Māori heritage, and potentially a stake in some land. How can you find out for sure?

We can trace your whakapapa, your family tree, to see if you have a link to the whenua. If we can establish a link using whakapapa evidence, we can file an application for succession interests and help you through every stage of the process.

Applications can be complex, requiring a lot of evidence to establish a link and make an application before presenting it to the Judge. While you can complete a succession application on your own, we highly recommend seeking legal advice and support.

Whakapā mai. You can contact us at any stage of the process to korero about your succession application, and how we can help.


To consolidate your interests and protect your whenua, you can create a Māori Land Trust.


Creating a Māori Land Trust

Depending on who has interests in the land, or what you, your whānau or hapū want to do with the land determines the type of Trust or incorporation you need.


By creating and dividing shares in a Whānau Trust, the block of land is held together and trustees can be appointed to manage interests on behalf of the beneficiaries. In a Pūtea Trust, different owners of smaller land interests can combine their shares to benefit wider whānau or descendants.


To protect your whenua for future generations, speak to us about creating a Māori Land Trust.


Reviewing Trusts and Trustees

Is your trust still fit for purpose? Are your trustees working in the best interests of the beneficiaries? 


Trusts should be reviewed regularly to make sure trustees are keeping their obligations and are acting appropriately. All too often we find trustees are not keeping good records and accounts, they are not declaring conflicts of interest, and in serious cases are not paying the right people.


Do you receive regular communication from your Trustees with updates on your Māori Land Trust? It may be time for a formal review. Ask us about reviewing your Māori Land Trust.

Māori Land Court and the Resource Management Act

Just as our whenua influences many aspects of our life, dealing with the Māori Land Court and the Resource Management Act (RMA) covers many issues across multiple areas of the law.


From establishing ‘who lives where,’ partitioning land, or developing land, this is where the Māori Land Court and the RMA intertwine. Even for experienced lawyers, the Resource Management Act can be technical and complicated. Our responsibility is articulating exactly how the RMA applies to you, so you can be informed and empowered in your land development. For example:


Papakāinga Development

You may want to develop Māori owned whenua to include:

  • A community building
  • Social housing
  • A playground
  • A community garden

Each separate project involves resource consents and different aspects of the RMA; From designing buildings, wastewater and sewage, property easements and driveways, plus connecting to the power grid. Both the Māori Land Court and the Resource Management Act have questions they need answered for a project to be signed off. We can help you and your development move forward by navigating these two different pathways together.


No matter what stage of the process you are at, we can give you the advice and support you need to help you move to the next stage. We want to clarify what’s expected from you, and empower you to make decisions that will benefit your whānau, your hapū, and our wider communities.

Contact Lawhub

The Māori Land Court covers many aspects of our lives, our land and livelihoods. If you have any questions making an application or dealing with the Māori Land Court, we are here to help.

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