Aileen Odgers

Aileen Odgers

Principal - LLB

Family, Surrogacy, Relationship Property, General Law

Aileen joined the Lawhub team in September 2022 as a Principal alongside Dee Morgan and leads the family law team, specialising in family, surrogacy, relationship property and general law.

Aileen’s journey has seen her owning and managing businesses (including farming in the dairy industry), lecturing, tutoring, working on key research projects for the University of Canterbury, holding a range of voluntary roles, and everything in between.

Aileen has a strong focus on access to justice for all people and is a lead provider for legal aid with legal aid approval for all family law matters including relationship property, and employment matters.  

Aileen has also been appointed by the Family Court as a Lawyer for the Subject Person under the PPPR Act. This means she is assigned as the lawyer for a person who is subject to applications under that Act, where they are unable to make decisions for themselves and a person or persons have applied to be appointed to look after matters pertaining to their welfare or property. This diverse and challenging work is becoming an increasing segment of her preferred work and, with the support of Rob Wilson, she is committed to providing the best representation she can for these people.

Aileen is also appointed by the Family Court as a Lawyer for Child, which means she represents the interests and views of children who are the subject of Family Court proceedings. As with the PPPR appointments, Aileen finds this work extremely rewarding and is constantly seeking to upskill in this area.

Outside of work, Aileen enjoys playing competitive darts for a local team, spending time with her whānau, gardening and decorating cakes for family occasions. Aileen is also about to resume a course of postgraduate study in the Family and Health Law area with the University of Canterbury.

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