Robin (Wei) Zheng

Robin (Wei) Zheng

Associate - Commercial Team Leader - LLB

Immigration, Property/Conveyancing and General Law

Robin is an experienced lawyer specialing in a wide range of legal matters including residential & commercial property transactions, property subdivision, commercial leasing, sales & purchase business, immigration, and relationship property.

Robin's dedication and hard work have earned him a good reputation in the local community and overseas. He has built a good network with local industry leaders such as developers, banks, real estate professionals, and business owners. He has experience in serving clients around the world such as China, United States of America, the Philippines, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Robin continued to provide legal services to over 200 clients, including individuals, families, and companies. His dedication to helping clients navigate legal challenges during these uncertain times has earned him a reputation as a reliable and valuable legal advisor.

In 2022, Robin was promoted to the position of Commercial Team Leader and the firm’s Associate. In his new role, he continues to demonstrate his expertise in various legal areas and his passion to assist clients to achieve the best results for them he can.

Robin loves creative works and takes on new challenges. Most importantly, the experience he has achieved from practicing them, is invaluable to his clients, firm and himself.

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