Robin (Wei) Zheng

Robin (Wei) Zheng

Solicitor - LLB

Immigration, Property/Conveyancing and General Law

Robin understands the migrant journey to New Zealand, both physically and psychologically.

Born in Beijing, Robin moved to Christchurch in his mid-twenties, and studied Law at the University of Canterbury as a way to better understand New Zealand.

Originally, Robin had no plans to enter the legal profession, but while living in Christchurch he saw how differences in language in culture create misunderstandings that often lead to barriers. Becoming a lawyer who understands both Chinese and Kiwi cultures, Robin hopes to break down barriers and misconceptions to make Christchurch a more multicultural society.

In addition to Immigration Law, Robin is also experienced in Employment Law, providing follow up care and support to his clients to help them settle in New Zealand. He's also interested in property conveyancing, and helping people start, buy and sell businesses.

Few people know Robin has a sweet tooth and enjoys baking and creating desserts.

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