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Whether you’re an employer or employee, having legal protection in the form of an employment law firm is critical. Problems in the workplace are a common occurrence. Wherever there is a clash of personalities, there will be disruption, which is when the issue takes a legal route. An employee may feel unfairly treated or, worse, dismissed. On the other hand, an employer wants to take action against a staff member who fails to appear at work after numerous warnings. Employers may also want to ensure they are following right processes when considering redundancies or dismissing staff. This will minimise personal grievances being brought against them. In cases, the presence of an employment lawyer in Christchurch will be appreciated. When you’re searching for a reputable employment solicitor, contact Lawhub

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Benefits of Hiring an Employment Lawyer in Hamilton and Christchurch

The section of laws, precedents, and other rulings make up the crux of employment law in Hamilton and Christchurch. Having these laws in place assists with the professional relationship between the employer and employee. Employment laws do change quite often; hence it’s imperative to hire a law firm that has experienced lawyers that are up-to-date with the relevant regulations. There are several benefits to both sides of the spectrum when hiring an employment lawyer. 


  • If a conflict in the workplace led to your unfair treatment or even dismissal, you need an experienced lawyer in your corner. As an employee, you may not be aware of the laws that offer you protection. Furthermore, once you have a strained relationship with your employer, it clouds your judgment in the case. Your emotions may be highly charged, which renders your negotiating skills useless, and a professional lawyer will be to your advantage. They are aware of your case and what you’re entitled to as a settlement. Hence, they are well-placed to come to an agreement to the satisfaction of both parties. 
  • There is a common misconception that an employment lawyer is reserved for employees. On the contrary, hiring a qualified lawyer assists in protecting you as a business. Your company must comply with the law. As an employer, you must manage the rights of the employee and prevent infringement of their rights through harassment, discrimination, conditions of work, the recruitment-, and termination procedures. Having legal advice ensures your company adheres to the law to avoid future court battles. 
  • Living in uncertain times, as we are, several businesses are implementing cost-cutting measures. To avoid laying off staff, which is the last resort, companies try to reduce benefits to save costs. Unfortunately, it has a direct impact on employees who feel hard-done-by after pouring their work into a business. An employment lawyer is trained to deal with these specific situations to communicate the problems and solutions effectively, allowing both sides to understand the repercussions of cost-cutting decisions.
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Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Hamilton Employment Lawyer

Disputes in the workplace regularly occur with a variety of issues being responsible. Matters relating to employee benefits such as leave days to discrimination require an individual that has a vast knowledge of employment law in Hamilton. Whether you’re an employer or employee, you’ll have to recruit an employment lawyer. Follow these tips to get the best legal advice possible. 


  • This facet of law is extremely specific and requires a professional that has been dealing with employment law for a long time. Since there are various loopholes and exemptions, the lawyer you hire must be practicing employment law and have litigation experience. 
  • Disputes can be resolved in two ways. One is a settlement before reaching court, and the other is at a trial. The former is preferred as it eliminates the stress of a courtroom; however, it may not always be in your best interest to settle out of court. When researching an employment lawyer, look at their records at trials and determine if they’re prepared to take your case further. 
  • It’s human nature to preserve what you have. As such, your primary thought is to save money and hire a cheap lawyer. Evaluate your budget and decide on what you can afford rather than opting for the cheapest lawyer. Furthermore, some employment lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they only take payment if you receive a settlement.
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