Divorce & Separation

Whatever stage your relationship is at, whether it’s beginning or ending, the Lawhub’s Christchurch and Hamilton based teams are in your corner and here to support you through every step of the way. Our team of family lawyers are legal aid approved for relationship property matters. Get in touch with one of our expert team to see if you qualify.

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Divorce & Separation Lawyers

Ending a relationship can be a difficult decision, especially if that decision to end things isn’t mutual.

At Lawhub, our separation lawyers in Christchurch can help you with all the issues that can arise from this sensitive situation, from preparing and filing the Dissolution Order paperwork necessary for a divorce, to helping you divide your property, and creating separation agreements so everyone is on the same page.

If you want to handle matters yourself, we can provide you with clear advice and guidance. We can also negotiate with your ex-partner’s lawyer, or if we can’t reach an agreement we can represent you in Family Court.

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Contracting Out Agreements

When a relationship looks promising and you’re asking someone to move in with you, talking to your lawyer can feel like you’re putting a damper on the situation. We prefer to say you’re hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

For example, if one person already owns a home, or puts considerably more towards a house deposit than the other person in a relationship, and you separate after three years, the other person is entitled to half. Seeking advice early and protecting your assets in a contracting out agreement means that whatever happens, you won’t lose what you’ve worked hard for.

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Relationship Property

When separating or getting a divorce, one of the main hurdles that couples face is dividing their relationship property. In New Zealand,  the general rule is that once you have been in a marriage, civil union or de facto relationship of three years or more, in the event of a relationship breakdown, all relationship property should be divided equally between both parties.

Our team can assist you to negotiate a settlement agreement to finalise the division of relationship property. If no agreement can be reached we can represent you in court proceedings where the Family Court is required to assist with the division.

Legal aid is available for relationship property matters. Contact one of the team to check if you qualify.

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Are Legal Fees Holding You Back From Seeking Professional Legal Help?

Discover how legal aid can provide the support you need. At Lawhub, we are proud to be an approved legal aid provider in family law, relationship property matters, and employment law for employees. Click below to see if legal aid can help support you and your unique circumstances.

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Relationships Specialists

Aileen Odgers

Aileen is a Principal at Lawhub, based in Christchurch. She has extensive knowledge in Family, Surrogacy, Relationship Property, General Law

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Principal - LLB

Family, Surrogacy, Relationship Property, General Law
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Romeo Margaritis

Romeo considers himself a general problem-solver and has a wide range of legal experience after over forty years practicing law across Canterbury.

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Consultant – LLB

Property/Conveyancing, Wills, Trusts, Estates, Commercial, Contract and General Law
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Joan Prado

Joan was drawn to immigration law as a way to help fellow migrants settle in New Zealand. She recognises that approaching a foreign legal system can seem intimidating, so hopes to overcome language and cultural barriers within New Zealand's immigration system, making the resettlement process as smooth as possible.

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Senior Solicitor - B.Sc (Phils), LLB (Hons) (NZ)

Property/Conveyancing, Immigration, Wills and General Law
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