There is an important law change that will affect large numbers of visa holders. The Law change has come about because of the COVID-19 crisis that has affected the world and the border closures that have left people stranded. Read more for additional information

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Immigration Law

Do you need a Visa? Have you tried submitting a Visa yourself but had it declined? 

New Zealand’s immigration process can be complicated. If you’re looking to live or work in New Zealand, you need specialist immigration advice from the team at Lawhub.

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New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment

Lawhub and it's team are affiliated and members of NZAMI. Publicly known for setting standards for Immigration Professionals. 



New Zealand Work Visa

New Zealand Work Visa

Are you wanting to work in New Zealand? Do you have an Offer of Employment? Are you a New Zealand business or recruitment agency looking to bring a candidate into the country? We can help.


Our teams of immigration lawyers in Christchurch and Hamilton will guide you through the process from start to finish. As immigration specialists, our comprehensive checklist will make sure no detail on your application is overlooked.


From new work visas to renewals, or trickier issues like swapping your work visa to a new company, at Lawhub we understand how Immigration New Zealand works. We can anticipate their demands and frontfoot any issues, giving you a higher chance of getting your work visa approved.


In future, we can help you move from a standard Essential Skills Work Visa to a Work To Resident Visa, or Resident Visa, Skilled Migrant Category if you would like to make New Zealand your more permanent home.


Just make sure you bring your passport, your Offer of Employment, and any visas you have to make sure they’re valid and you’re complying with the rules.

Company Accreditation

Company Accreditation

Does your business rely on migrant workers? Have you found the perfect candidate for your business, but they’re based overseas? With offices in Christchurch and Hamilton, we can help get your business accredited with Immigration New Zealand.


Before you can bring a migrant worker to New Zealand, did you know there is a list of criteria you have to meet first? We can walk you through the process, showing your evidence to Immigration New Zealand, so you can fill your worker shortage.


With a Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa, you can open up a pathway to residency for your employees, while bringing in the valuable skills needed to keep your business moving.


Have a team of migrant workers? We can take care of all the visa renewals at once, and make sure their paperwork stays up-to-date.

Resident Visa

Resident Visa

New Zealand is a beautiful country. If you’d like to make Aotearoa your home, Immigration New Zealand has a checklist you have to meet first.


You should have lived in New Zealand for at least a year, and have no criminal record. You also need a qualification with a minimum of three to five year’s work experience and no serious medical issues.


If you love living and working in New Zealand, and are serious about making Aotearoa your home, come and talk to us about applying for a Resident Visa. We can give you the forms, your comprehensive checklist and lead you through the process. There are more strict expectations around becoming a resident, and we’ll make sure you understand these at every stage along the way.


To make New Zealand your permanent home, contact the team at Lawhub. 

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Dependent Visas

Dependent Visas

Is New Zealand the place for your new start? If you’re already living and working here, it makes sense to enjoy your new life with your family. With Dependent Visas, you can bring your partner and dependent children to New Zealand with you.


If you haven’t been living with your life partner, Immigration New Zealand need evidence you’re in a genuine and stable relationship. Our friendly team at Lawhub will walk you through the forms and proof you need to provide.


Depending on how long you’ve been in a relationship or living together will change what kind of Dependent Visa you need to apply for.


Your best option is to make an appointment with one of our immigration lawyers. We’ll guide you through the process to find the best solution for you and your family.



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Want To Live Or Work In New Zealand?

Want To Live Or Work In New Zealand?

Our team are committed to finding the best immigration solution for you. That may mean you ask us for help with one visa, and we suggest you apply for a different one. It could also mean creative problem solving to take apart a visa application you’ve already submitted, to give Immigration New Zealand more of what they’re looking for.


We love being part of Christchurch and Hamilton’s migrant communities, and seeing the positive impact these hard-working people are making across the wider Canterbury and Waikato regions. Our team believes in understanding and getting to know you, so we can tailor the best solution for you or your family.


Applying for visas, and knowing what Immigration New Zealand is looking for is a specialty subject. We don’t recommend attempting it on your own. If you’re not sure of the right visa to apply for, you’re unsure what the immigration form is asking you, or you feel like you’re going around in circles, come and ask the friendly team at Lawhub for help.


If you want to know more about living and working in New Zealand, or you’re a local business wanting help filling a gap in your workforce, contact the immigration team at Lawhub - Where integrity and solutions meet.

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Immigration Lawyer

Our Skilled Immigration Lawyer Helps You to Get the Needed Papers

Lawhub realises the immigration process into New Zealand can be very complex and is why we recommend that you get an immigration lawyer. Our boutique practice has a head office in Christchurch and a supporting office in Hamilton. You can schedule an appointment either in Christchurch or see an immigration lawyer in Hamilton.

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The Importance of a Christchurch Immigration Lawyer

There are several reasons why anyone would want to have legal documentation to either work or live in our beautiful country. Obtaining the documentation can be challenging when you are unfamiliar with the legalities concerning immigration. Immigration law changes rapidly, so navigating its many obstacles can be challenging. It would be beneficial to speak to an immigration solicitor to help you with the process.


  • You might find yourself in the position where you have a job offer in New Zealand and need the process of obtaining a work visa sorted out quickly. Our immigration law firm is ready to assist you. The team at our boutique firm takes you through the process. From initially submitting the needed documentation until you have your valid visa in hand, our professional staff will be by your side. 
  • If you are planning to call New Zealand home soon, there is quite an extensive list which you need to complete in the process. You can call on a brilliant Hamilton immigration lawyer to help you with the process. Dee Morgan, Ruth Burgess, Robin Zheng, and Joan Prado are all on our team of immigration professionals with a collective experience of more than 60 years.
  • In the scenario where you already work and live in New Zealand and love the place, you might need to obtain dependent visas for your family. Maybe you have made a stable start in the country and are keen on building your new life here. Speak to our immigration professionals to help you bring your family to your new home. Our immigration solicitors have the knowledge and many years in the field of immigration law and can advise you on the finer details. These visas are dependent on the kind of relationship which you and your partner have. The length of the period that you have been sharing each other’s lives is another influencing factor.
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What Sets Lawhub Apart as An Immigration Lawyer in Christchurch

Your life could be on hold for as long as it takes to get your immigration documentation in place and it will help to have the most skilled in the field on your side.


  • Lawhub and the entire team of immigration professionals who work with us have an affiliation with NZAMI. This affiliation means our entire team is members of NZAMI–the New Zealand association that sets the standards regarding immigration. They set the list of documentation and requirements that migrants need to complete for the process of immigration.  
  • Our vast background in the field of immigration legislation enables us to give you accurate advice and effective solutions towards immigration. During your first meeting at our law firm, we can discuss your unique situation. What we often find is that applicants are often confused regarding which type of visa they require. Going through the entire application process is very time-consuming. When authorities decline your application on the basis that you didn’t apply for the correct kind of visa, it is frustrating, but you can avoid disappointment. Let us help you make the journey much more manageable. 
  • Integrity is key to our operation. We are grateful to see the positive impact of our knowledge and efforts in the field, on communities. It is especially visible in the migrant communities in and around Hamilton and Christchurch. 


You can benefit from this positive impact too. 

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History of Lawhub

About three years ago, our team managed to combine our wealth of knowledge to bring solutions to a range of legal challenges. We always aim to maintain professionalism while being caring. We devote our time and knowledge, our care, and considerations to always bring solutions to your legal challenges affordably.


Speak to us and let us help you resolve your legal challenges.

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