Relationship Property

You need someone you can rely on for sound advice and confidential support during life’s big moments. Whatever stage your relationship is at, whether it’s beginning or ending, the Lawhub’s Christchurch and Hamilton based teams are in your corner and here to support you through your personal issues.

Contracting Out Agreements

When a relationship looks promising and you’re asking someone to move in with you, talking to your lawyer can feel like you’re putting a damper on the situation. We prefer to say you’re hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

For example, if one person already owns a home, or puts considerably more towards a house deposit than the other person in a relationship, and you separate after three years, the other person is entitled to half. Seeking advice early and protecting your assets in a contracting out agreement means that whatever happens, you won’t lose what you’ve worked hard for.

Separation and divorce

Ending a relationship can be a difficult decision, especially if that decision to end things isn’t mutual. Lawhub can help you with all the issues that can arise from this sensitive situation, from preparing and filing the Dissolution Order paperwork necessary for a divorce, to helping you divide your property, and creating separation agreements so everyone is on the same page.

If you want to handle matters yourself, we can provide you with clear advice and guidance. We can also negotiate with your ex-partner’s lawyer, or if we can’t reach an agreement we can represent you in Family Court. Contact the team at Lawhub.

Why choose Lawhub?

Dealing with relationship issues both at the beginning and end of a relationship must be handled with empathy and understanding. From Wills and contracting out agreements, to working through separation, it’s normal to have mixed emotions including stress, awkwardness and even anger.

Your team at Lawhub value you as a person, and will always treat you with understanding and respect.

We can take care of the details, which means you can be as involved as you like. You will always know where you stand in the process. We understand dealing with relationship property matters can be cause for friction and be filled with emotion. Our team will communicate with you at every stage, and can even represent you in meetings if need be.

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Did you know, getting married will nullify any Will you made before getting married. There may be a lot to do around your big day, and sitting down with your partner to deciding how your assets should be divided in the event of your death isn’t exactly romantic. Still, a difficult decision and updating your Will can save a lot of time and heartbreak in future.


When did you last check how your Trust was performing? Is it still doing the job you need it to? Unfortunately, many people take a ‘set and forget’ approach with Trusts and hope that it will protect assets and carry out their wishes. Hope is not a strategy. If you’re entering a relationship and want to make sure certain assets are protected by your Trust, ask us about a Trust review.