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When disagreements arise and your resolution methods are exhausted, it's time to turn to our expert team. We're here to support you through the litigation process with care and diligence. Seeking professional legal assistance early can provide cost-effective and timely solutions. Let us navigate the complexities for you.

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Our Approach

Litigation is not about winning or losing - we always remain focused on the outcome, however, we approach every dispute holistically with a strong emphasis on trying to resolve the issues in dispute through a good outcome.

We believe in a team approach and work closely with our colleagues to bring all relevant knowledge and experience to your case. By adopting this approach, we have experienced that:

Strategic evaluations become more clear.
By looking at your case in the context of your wider circumstances, we are able to manage your case more effectively, plan ahead and make allowances for uncertainties that may be an issue.

Disputes are often resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner.
We do not subscribe to the model that litigation should be lengthy and expensive. While we are well-equipped to deal with cases  that are complex and require long-term persistence, our focus remains on progressing your case toward resolution (be it by agreement or defended hearing). 

Disputes are less emotionally draining.
We understand the stresses around going to court and continuously having to devote time and energy to a case. As much as we care about your case, we also care about your mental and physical well-being. Our holistic approach means that we invest time in getting to know you and your case to ensure that our advice is tailored to take into account the impact litigation has on your wider personal circumstances.

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At Lawhub, we understand that disputes can arise in various aspects of life, and navigating these legal challenges can be overwhelming. Our experienced team is here to provide expert guidance and assistance to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. Here are some of the key areas where our litigation services can be of value:

Disputes Tribunal Claims: We can advise and assist you with forming your claim and guide you through the process for fair resolution.

District Court Proceedings: Whether it's money claims, debt recovery, or disputes related to building and property matters, we have the expertise to represent your interests.

Family Court Proceedings: Our team is well-versed in proceedings under the Family Violence Act, Care of Children Act, Oranga Tamariki Act, Property Relationships Act, and Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act.

Criminal Proceedings: If you face allegations of criminal conduct, we provide robust defense representation, whether through private instructions or Legal Aid.

Employment Proceedings: For both employees and employers, we offer representation and support for claims under the Employment Relations Act.

High Court Proceedings: When larger value money disputes or claims arise, or disputes related to wills and trusts, we're here to handle your case.

Appellate Work: Our expertise extends to Court of Appeal and Supreme Court appeals originating from the District and High Courts.

With Lawhub by your side, you can rest assured that your legal journey will be guided with care and dedication, ensuring the protection of your rights and interests. Let us help you navigate the complexities of litigation for a favorable resolution.

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Dispute Resolution & Court Representation

Our strong team of litigators are committed to protecting the rights of our clients and approach each case with care and diligence. Not only does this ensure that our clients are treated fairly, but also that their case and circumstances are well understood.

All cases start with an extensive interview in order to gather all relevant information. Time is then taken to research the issues carefully, discuss them with our colleagues and form a strategic approach. Once this has been done, further research may be done before advice is given.

We place a strong emphasis on trying to resolve issues in a way that results in a good outcome for our clients. This will include negotiation, mediation and arbitration. If a matter is unable to be resolved by these methods, it will have to proceed to litigation.

We advocate strongly for our clients once a matter proceeds to litigation. We have a team of litigators that are experienced and well-versed in court procedure. Our holistic approach means that the arguments being presented in your case are always well-reasoned and compelling.

We are committed to providing high quality litigation services. We firmly believe that seeking accurate and tailored legal advice early in a dispute can present you with valuable options for a cost-effective and timely resolution. If you find yourself facing a dispute, our dedicated team of experienced advocates is here to support you through the process with care and diligence. Contact us today to explore your options and find the best path forward.

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Litigation Specialists

Derick Lotz

Derick is an Associate at Lawhub with extensive general criminal defence expertise. Derick also specialises in Commercial, Litigation and Family Law.

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Associate - LLB, BCom

Criminal, Commercial, Litigation and General Law.
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“I used Lawhub for their conveyancing service. They offered excellent advice and had a great eye for detail with lots of expertise. Highly recommended.”

“Used conveyancing service. Great eye for detail, offered excellent advice, lots of expertise. Highly recommended.”

Te Hurinui C

“I used Lawhub for the sale and purchase of property that took place during lockdown. Despite not being able to be in the office, my emails were answered quickly. I asked them to look into 3 different properties, before finally settling on 1 and they met my copious demands with a confident and friendly manner which put my mind at ease. Im really happy and I happily recommend them!”


"I would like to convey my special gratitude to Robin who gave me precious guidance to achieve my residency. Lawhub is a place that anyone can go for get best law advices and guidance."

Gayani G

“Brilliant, friendly and cost effective service. Thanks team!”

Jack P

“Best quality representation on the market. Will gladly have them again. Worth every dollar!”

Vincent B

“I was intending to purchase a home off-the-plan. Robin went through the Sale & Purchase Agreement and quickly noticed clauses that were not in my favour. Great work by Robin and Lawhub. I will be using them again.”


“We contacted Lawhub about property conveyancing for a house out of town and the team were more than happy were take the case on. We found the process easy and stress free and the flowers we received after settlement were a lovely touch. Would definitely recommend Lawhub to anyone needing their services!”

Charlotte S